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Day 15, Month 1, Year 1

I start my third week today in here today.  I keep telling myself each day that maybe tomorrow, I'll go and find some answers about who I am or why I'm here, but I don't even know where to begin to search.  However, I am quite certain someone has a plan for me:  this temple conveniently appearing at the same time I did, this journal left for me, the lyre, all signs that someone is looking out for me.  But why would someone create all of this for a single gorgon?  If that person has the ability to create life and buildings and objects out of nothing, what purpose could I possibly serve them that they could not do themselves?  There has to be more to my life than what I've already been doing, this can't be all there is to it.

Two more warriors arrived today:  one male, one female.  Both were very similar to the last one to arrive:  arrogant, cocky, and easy to petrify.  Looking at the past week, I am having regrets about using my abilities.  It's almost as if they're so pathetic, I feel bad that they will never understand what they've thrown away just for revenge.  Surely, someone will have the common sense to at least protect their eyes when they come to fight me, right?

Day 18, Month 1, Year 1

They've been coming two a day now.  Some men, some women, but none who will listen to me.  They're convinced that I have some alternate motive for telling them to just go home:  like I'll stab them in the back when they're not looking or follow them home and attack their home or something of the sort.  They cannot believe that the "monster" they're after is just trying to save their lives.  Really, I'm starting to think I value their lives more than they do.

However, they do show at least some signs of getting smarter.  The second one who came today put on a blindfold before entering the temple.  However, she failed to take the problems of being completely blindfolded into account:  She swung her sword wildly at thin air and eventually ran into a wall.  The blindfold came undone and she promptly joined the rest of them.  Still, I should probably find a way to remove blindfolds without putting myself into danger.  Even if I can stay out of their range while they blindly swing around, there's no guarantees that the blindfold will eventually fall off like it did today.  They could be in my temple for hours, maybe days trying in vain to kill me and I'll have no way to stop them.

The snakes have stopped going into the foyer over this past week.  I think they're scared that they'll be killed by the wild sword-swinging of these brainless beings.  Poor things.

Day 22, Month 1, Year 1

It's been nothing but more warriors every day.  Most have been arriving with blindfolds too.  I've been lucky so far:  I've managed to sneak up very quietly behind them and untie them before they can slice my head off.  I don't know how much more of this I can take:  my heart feels like it's going to beat out of its chest every time I come within arm's reach.  I have visions of their swords piercing my neck.  They haunt my dreams.  I have to think of some way to deal with this fast before those visions become reality.  Please, Gods and Goddesses of the heavens, all I ask is a break from this madness.  Please...

Day 23, Month 1, Year 1

My prayers were answered today.  No visitors, clear skies.  I spent most of the day sitting on my roof in silence.  It feels like forever since I last felt the wind in my face.  As I played my lyre, I caught myself singing aloud.  There were no real words or lyrics, just sounds.  I live for days like today.

My heart sank as the sun set below the horizon.  Today was such a perfect day, but I fear it was an anomaly.  Tomorrow brings with it the chance of more soldiers with their sights on my life.
See Part 1 for a more detailed description

In this part, the soldiers get smarter and their endless stream of attacks start to drive the gorgon mad.
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LadyVampofDarkness Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012
Perhaps a blind person will come next and simply chat with the gorgon.
StoneLad Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well, someone will eventually come to chat but in terms of a long chat, it'll be quite a while. People right now are more just freaking out after finding out about her.
LadyVampofDarkness Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012
I will have to morph into my medusa form and keep her company. Poor thing....Just misunderstoond
GenreChallenger Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
I feel sorry for her.
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